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Homestead Act
Updated: 11/24/2020
Homestead Act
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  • I hope this bill helps the people move and prosper in America
  • No, the government gave us it and it is ours!
  • Get outta here this is our land!
  • Its so great that I could use this land an now my family is richer than ever.
  • Lincoln signs the Homestead Act with the intention to help poor people that just came from Europe start a new life. But this came with a cost, they had to settle the land and farm 160 acres before it could be theirs.
  • We are going to be so rich
  • I just hope those Indians don't cause any problems
  • The settlers faced problems like starvation if they didn't farm anything, and Indians that have lived here for way longer than they have.
  • This is going to be a piece of cake
  • I hope my 700 men can take on the Indians
  • Many good things came out of the Homestead Act an overall it was a sucess.
  • There's too many!
  • Get outta here
  • With gold being found out west many people move out that way to try their luck. But the Indians soon tried to stop them and cause problems.
  • This caused the U.S. Army to send General George Custer and his 7th Calvary to Montana to get rid of the Indians.
  • Custer thought that it would be easy so he decided to attack without really having a plan. He split his 700 men into 3 battalions and charged. This was a mistake as there were way more Indians than anticipated, and everyone died.
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