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Updated: 11/15/2017
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  • Gilgamesh was a feared King by all of his subjects.
  • We will kill you Enkidu!
  • Fear me! I am your King!
  • I am Enkidu the Wild Man, and I challenge you to a fight!
  • Until one day...
  • Why don't we just be friends?
  • Cedar Forest (Sacred to Gods)
  • They went on adventures together, until they went on the God's sacred ground, and the gods sent a monster after them.
  • Haha! We tricked you! Let's go!
  • They displeased the goddess Ishtar...
  • I am Ishtar! You have displeased me! Here is the Bull of Heaven!
  • I have killed you Bull of Heaven!
  • Gilgamesh met an old man who gave him wisdom.
  • I don't want to die like Enkidu. I should be immortal!
  • I am Utnapishtim, and what you're seeking should not be done! Live on the memories of your travels.
  • I followed Utnapishtim's advice, and I returned to my kingdom to become a better ruler.
  • The End!
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