EDU 353

Updated: 10/11/2021
EDU 353

Storyboard Text

  • Developmental: Physical and SocialAge:48-60 monthsDuring bedtime routine, Angelica picks out her favorite story. Angelica can get her self dressed after her bath. However, she is not comfortable with the stairs on her new bunk bed. Parents encourage her to try each night, one step at a time while holding the side.Accommodations: Angelica could benefit from a handrail and maybe a bean bag at the bottom. Parents can also add more playtime on toys that require climbing with hand eye coordination. Consistent use of her legs and encouragement to try and never give up will boost confidence.
  • How Many Will Fit Inside
  • Developmental: Cognitive & PhysicalAge: 60 monthsDuring the math activity, I ask "How many will fit inside?" I model putting the blocks inside while counting. Each student completes the task and is able to say the number. Each student then empties the box and waits and encourages the next person. 
  • Developmental: Social EmotionalAge: 24 monthsAnytime something is left in the classroom, the teacher lays it out on the bookshelf for everyone to see in the morning while putting away their bookbag. One morning, Scott came in early and started to tell a friend he was sad last night because he forgot his blanket yesterday. His friend immediately took him over to the bookshelf and said, "Isn't this the blanket you had yesterday?" Scott is excited and hugs his friend. Then he tells him "thank you very much" Scott was able to recall what we say when someone helps us.
  • Developmental: CognitiveAge: 48 monthsAccording the the milestone chart in our text, typical development with this age, "sorting by shape, color, and size" (Decker, 2015, P. 440).In the classroom, I model the color and shape pattern. On the student's desk board, they are able to recreate with their crayons, the correct color and circle shape.
  • Developmental: CognitiveAge: 48 months"using visual math approaches such as manipulatives (concrete or virtual objects) to represent numbers and symbols (Time for Learning, 2017)During math group, student does not understand the pattern combo in colors or shapes.Accommodation: Downgrade the pattern to a simple rather than color and shape. If the background is contrasting, the student can not recognize color. Instead of primary color, inquire or recall what the student's favorite color is and use those colors only. Students also respond well to items of interest. Example: student loves Lego blocks. Choose two colors you know they are familiar with and use that as your manipulative.
  • Fill the Basket Developmental: Physical & CognitiveAge: 36 monthsIn house keeping the group (4) of students are shopping around and notice they do not have anything to put the groceries inside. They recall a basket on the teacher's desk. They ask can they use the basket for their grocery trip. "expresses thinking through pretend play, drawings, and language" (Decker, 2015, P. 440).