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"All Summer in a Day"
Updated: 11/23/2020
"All Summer in a Day"
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  • The story begins with children looking out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun. On Venus it has been raining for seven years straight. The rain is supposed to stop soon and the sun is expected to appear for one hour.
  • One young girl named Margot stands apart from the rest of the group. She does not participate in any games and is very depressed because it is constantly raining. She recites a lovely poem about the sun because she remembers what it was like when she lived on Earth five years ago.
  • William and the other classmates are mean to Margot because they are jealous of her ability to remember the sun. They also are envious of her chance to maybe go back to live on Earth with her parents.
  • As a joke, William and the other classmates lock Margot in a closet. They get excited as they hear the rain begin to slow down outside.
  • Forgetting about Margot, the kids run outside as they see the sun appear from behind the clouds. They run around excitedly, exploring and playing in the warmth of the sunlight.
  • After an hour of sunny bliss, they begin to feel raindrops on their skin again. They run inside before it begins to downpour once more. They suddenly remember that they had left Margot locked in the closet and guiltily walk down the tunnel to let her out of the closet. Margot has missed seeing the sun.
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