Updated: 3/30/2021

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  • Elya Yelnats was in love with Myra Menke, so he asked for her hand in marriage. Unfortunately, he got rejected. So he decided to seek help from Madame Zeroni, a gypsy.
  • Elya, what's wrong?
  • I'm in love with Myra Menke and I want to marry her. But Igor Barkov has offered to trade his fattest pig for her.
  • Myra’s head is as empty as a flowerpot. She is silly and foolish. Why would you want to marry her?
  • Fine, I will help you. It just so happens that my pig gave birth to a litter of piglets yesterday. One of the piglets refuses to eat. You may have him.
  • I love her.
  • Back of the house.
  • Do you see thatmountain on the edge of the forest?
  • Every day, you must carry that piglet to the top of the mountain and let it drink from the stream. As it drinks, you are to sing to him. On the day of Myra's birthday, the pig will be fatter than any of Igor’s pigs.
  • Yes.
  • After you give the pig to Myra’s father, I want you to do one more thing for me.
  • I want you to carry me up the mountain and sing for me the song while I am drinking from the stream. If you fail to do this, you and your family will be cursed for all eternity.
  • Sure what?
  • I promise.
  • Elya was supposed to carry the pig up the mountain one last time on Myra's birthday so that it could be fatter than any of Igor's pigs, but he didn't. As a result, it weighed the same as Igor's pig.
  • That's right.
  • These are the finest pigs I've ever seen. How am I to decide? I have only one daughter.
  • You want me to decide?
  • Why not let Myra decide?
  • Gee, I don't know. I guess I choose Elya. No Igor. No...
  • Marry Igor! You can keep my pig as a wedding present.