Math shii
Updated: 3/12/2020
Math shii

Storyboard Text

  • *MEOW
  • A lady was sitting watching the TV, she suddenly hears a cat!
  • She rushes outside to see what is happening!
  • She suddenly see a cat stuck above a tree struggling to get down
  • What should I do?!
  • She had an idea to use her stick, as well as the trigonometric ratios that she learned many years ago in school
  • First, she figured that she could solve this by all three (cos, sin, tan) to find angle Asin A= cos A=tan A=
  • She got a ladder to make it easier, then she say that there was a missing side (side x) and 2 angles sin A= cos A=
  • She got a ladder to make it easier for her and the cat, though the ladder (is a missing angle)