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Updated: 10/14/2019
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  • scene 1 shot 1 0-20 seconds
  • scene 2 shot 2 21-40 seconds
  • scene 3 shot 3 41-60 seconds
  • Johnny was waiting for his best friend Billy out side a restaurant where they like to meet they was meeting to go to there secret den. Where they liked to go as kids to make mischief.
  • scene 4 shot 4 61-80 seconds
  • "Whats up Johnny" asked Billy "oh nothing i'm just thinking a lot about brexit" Johnny replayed "oh it will all be fine soon Johnny just try to forget about it come on lets go".
  • scene 5 shot 5 81-100 seconds
  • "yeah its clear come on and do you think we will lose all our money because of brexit" said Johnny no no no all it is a club and there taking some money from us but i see what you mean" replied Billy.
  • scene 6 shot 6 101-120 seconds
  • They where sitting in there den and a hedgehog came and told them they need to do something about brexit and then they fort of an idea to make them self stand out and did it.
  • They both got on to the roof and said they was going to jump if we didn't leave brexit the police and fire men came and helped them down and more and more people came to shout about bexit.
  • inside there house Billy heard the news go on about the president has now decided on what to do about brexit all because of two boys stud out to him and he realised how bad the club was.
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