Peloponnesian war
Updated: 5/8/2020
Peloponnesian war

Storyboard Text

  • SCENE 1Sparta surrounds the city of Athens. Athens stays behind their wall in hopes to stay safe and keep their army strong.
  • Come out and fight, Athenians!
  • No! We will stand strong behind these walls.
  • Fine! Then we'll make you come and fight!
  • SCENE 2In attempt to lure the Athenians out from behind the wall, the Spartans burnt down their crops.
  • They must come out after seeing we burnt down their crops!
  • SCENE 3The Athenian navy sent in plenty of food and crops
  • We knew we could count on you!
  • SCENE 4The Athenian navy attack. This forced Sparta back into defense.
  • We must defend! We are being attacked!
  • SCENE 5Athens develops disease and agrees to a truce with Sparta. They decide to attack Sicily to gain more land
  • We must truce for now. We will attack Sicily and gain more land.
  • SCENE 6Sicily defeats Athens and Sparta forces the weak Athens to surrender by cutting off food supply and attacking. Sparta wins the war!