Martin Luther
Updated: 11/24/2020
Martin Luther

Storyboard Text

  • This church is corrupt!!!
  • This is the highest university in Wittenberg
  • 95 Theses
  • I was born in 1483 and grew up in Germany, later I then became a German monk. After i learnt about the Catholic Church and how corrupt it really was.
  • Get out of this church and don't come back!!
  • After attending the university in Wittenberg, I then taught Theology. After my studies and teachings, i believed that the catholic church abused their people and their beliefs and took advantage of their loyalty.
  • Welcome to my church, this is the Lutheran Church
  • This church is so cool, everyone is welcome and the bible is even in other languages
  • I saw things other people didn't. I tried to tell so i decided to write 95 Reasons called the 95 Theses and stuck it to the Wittenburg church.
  • The Lutheran church was developed by the man martin Luther, he stood up for his beliefs and took on the world with a journey of his own
  • The church leaders were dissapointed in me and didnt like my decisions, they decided to kick me out of the church. So i made the decision to open my own church.
  • As i believed some of the rules and beliefs as the catholic church, i only changed some of the assets. Including, people speaking other languages being able to read the bible.
  • I named my church the Lutheran church and in the future hopefully the children get taught my story of how and why the Lutheran churches evolved and also what the reformation is and why it happened.