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Egnlsih 349
Updated: 3/25/2020
Egnlsih 349
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  • Chaucer was cited both as a pious defender of the establishedChurch (by Catholics) and as a firebrand exposing Church corruption (byProtestants). How are such radically different interpretations possible? Where canyou find evidence for or against these claims?
  • I love her
  • I love her as well
  • Such interpretations are possible by the interpretation of the people that viewed him in their own ideals. If people started seeing that the way he spoke of the church and religion he was a defender and if he started to speak about the corruption of the church he was firebrand. Through his reading you can see that he has mixed feeling about the religion.
  • I challenge thy to a duel for her
  • I accept your challange
  • Chaucer is seen as defender of the church by the way he has an appreciation in religion in his writing representing it as caravan in the prologue. While he was also branded as a firebrand in exposing the church for the selfish ways of the church when both heroes prayed to their Gods: one prayed for the love of Emily; while the other prayed for his spear pierce his rival.
  • We will live a happy married life as his last wish
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