IRB #1
Updated: 11/18/2020
IRB #1

Storyboard Text

  • first person
  • Logan Morrisp.6cohort. D
  • Sliderby Pete Hautman
  • 2017
  • DavidHeymanCynMal
  • Homepizzeriastate fair
  • David is a freshman who likes to eat food as fast as he can, and he looks up to professional food eaters for example (Joey Chestnut). One day when he was on buy buy and saw a half eaten hotdog that joey Chestnut ate at a contest. He took his moms credit card and put in a max bid of 20 dollars. buy buy glitched and made it 2000. now he has to find a way to pay his mom the money back before her visa bill came in.
  • rising action 1
  • David eats a entire pizza in four minutes and thirty-six seconds
  • David wins a slider eating contest by a long shot and wins a 200 dollar gift card on super sliders. Even though his friend told him it was cash.
  • rising action 2
  • Conflict 1
  • David used his moms credit card to bid on a hotdog eaten by Joey Chestnut but then he found out that bye bye glitched and instead of bidding 20 dollars it bid 2000.