Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • man vs societykatniss vs capial
  • peackeepers shoots into the crowed killing at random i have never seen anything like it but i can only be withnissing one this what snow calls an upraising (pg 89)
  • man vs selfkatniss vs herself
  • i have chosen galeand the rebellion and a future with peeta is the capital's design not mine (pg 121)
  • man vs mankatniss vs snow
  • A direct death threat to gale , with other fallow and everyone i love is doomed unless i turn things around on this tour.(pg 30)
  • kathniss and districtes are fighting unjust capital
  • katniss trying to decide if she wants to stay and fight the capital or run away with her family
  • snow is giving katniss a task and if she don't achieve it he will harm the people she loves