story of idk
Updated: 4/6/2021
story of idk

Storyboard Text

  • Moon Heist
  • Osana Lin Baden's ResidenceIllinois, Detroit
  • It is a normal day in Detroit, when Osana decided that he needed more money and came up with a brilliant plan.
  • Son I think I need a lot of money...
  • Well, maybe sell something extraordinary
  • He stole a what?
  • Well get to it! This is a priority situation to be solved!!!
  • A- A rocket sir. NASA says the situation is out of their control.
  • If I remember correctly from that video, the red button is to take off?
  • Woof!
  • Sir, we can't stop the take off...
  • We've been informed the stolen rocket is about to take off. I'ts programmed destiny is a moon trip.
  • We should contact the space force, sir.
  • We will steal the moon, and sell it on eBay or to the government.
  • Ok Dad, so what's the plan now?