biology menu project
Updated: 1/24/2020
biology menu project
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  • Hey i am the Sun. Let's learn about photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
  • First, sunlight from me travels to the plant, as it takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and water from the soil via its roots.
  • The carbon used earlier enters through tiny pores in the plant's leaves called stomata. After photosynthesis, the plant releases oxygen into the atmosphere through the stomata.
  • My sunlight is captured by the chlorophyll in the plant's leaves and uses it along with the water and carbon dioxide to make sugars called glucose, which turns to starch for later usage.
  • Now that you understand photosynthesis, let me teach you about cellular respiration.
  • First, we must talk about gycolysis, which is the breaking up of glucose into pyruvic acids and takes place in the cytoplasm. The by-products of gycolysis are then used for the Krebs cycle, a process that requires oxygen.
  • The NADH brings electrons to the Electron Transport Chain to create hydrogen ions in the inter membrane of the mitochondria.
  • During gycolysis and Krebs cycle, cells take in NAD+ and add hydrogen to it to make NADH, the driving ingredient of the Electron Transport Cycle.
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