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Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story
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  • How will we save ourselves?!
  • ?
  • 10 Ft
  • 40°
  • On Thursday, February 12th of 2026, scientists noticed a meteor hurling toward Earth! It was destined to hit on the dreaded Friday the 13th!
  • 78°
  • ?
  • The meteor was far too big for any missile to destroy it, so scientists got desperate. They figured out the perfect size an object would need to be to destroy the meteor, and began trying to find something that had the same measurements.
  • 2200 Miles
  • ?
  • Out of desperation, scientists decided a bus would be the world's best hope. Scientists had the length and width of a bus, all they needed was the height. They created a triangle and used tangent to get the equation 10tan(40)= 8.4 feet.
  • Now they needed a good height to launch from. They decided it had to be at least 100 feet high, so they began to measure buildings using trigonometry. Eventually, they found one using tangent and got the equation 25tan(78)= 117.6ft! Good enough!
  • 25 ft
  • Finally, they needed to find the trajectory of the bus by calculating the angle of elevation. They first figured out that the meteor was 1000 miles out and 2200 miles up, so they used the inverse tan function to find the angle of elevation and got tan^-1(2200/1000)=65.6°. It was now time to launch.
  • 1000 Miles
  • It didn't work. Why did they think it would work? A bus can't destroy a meteor. Silly scientists. Oh well, the Earth is gone now.
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