Antigone storyboard
Updated: 12/8/2020
Antigone storyboard

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  • The Sentry in the story is a very timid man who was not looking for trouble and was someone who didn't want to be in the middle of the conflict regarding Creon's decree about Polyneices."I did not do it. I did not see who did it. You must not punish me for what someone else has done." (Sophocles, Scene 1, Lines 67-68).
  • Creon is a ruler who holds punishments and rules to a very high decree. Creon does not like those who go against laws and break rules. Additionally Creon is a man who demands justice and order in his kingdom. " I swear by God and by the throne of God, The man who has done this thing shall pay for it!" (Sophocles, Scene 1, Lines 121-122).
  • The Choragos holds Creon to a high standard and trust him as king. Furthermore Choragos also follows Creon whole heartedly and is completely loyal to him as well as helps Creon with somethings. Additionally in scene 1 we also see how the Choragos fully supports Creon with his decree concerning Polyneices."If that is your will, Creon son of Menoeccus, you have the right to enforce it: we are yours." (Sophocles, Scene 1, Lines 48-49).