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Jealousy and Insecurities Conflict
Updated: 10/7/2020
Jealousy and Insecurities Conflict
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  • So we've decided to offer Logan the captain position since she was co-captain last year.
  • Yes, I accept the position
  • That's if you want the position though Logan.. And you two will be co-captains.
  • This is so unfair...
  • She's nice I guess
  • So how do you guys feel about Logan being captain?
  • I don't know
  • Well we don't really know her
  • Brittney doesn't think that you shouldv'e made captain. She's asking everyone if they think you deserve it.
  • Wow, I am so mad right now.
  • She says it is unfair and she feels like she definitely should have gotten that spot.
  • Brittney is saying negative things about me and is telling everyone that its unfair that I made captain. There is a lot of drama going on and I am tired of it.
  • It was the start of the new cheer season, and the coaches had to choose a captain and co-captains to lead the team. They called a meeting amongst the seniors on the team so they could announce who got what.
  • Just ignore her, you made captain for a reason.
  • We have heard, and we know you had this same problem last year with her, but do you have any proof that she is starting drama behind your back?
  • I have decided that I am just going to quit the team. I have more important things to worry about and I don't have time for all this.
  • A few days after the coaches made the decision on what positions to give the seniors, there was a meeting amongst one of the seniors and the new underclassmen who had made the team.
  • You are letting her win. Don't let her get to you.
  • Don't do this to us Logan. She still wont be the captain even if you leave.
  • A couple of the other cheerleaders had heard about the meeting that took place, and decided to tell Logan that someone was talking about her behind her back. They were friends with Logan and felt that it was unfair that she was being talked about.
  • I wonder if Stacy wants to go and get snowballs tomorrow..
  • Logan decided that it was best to have a meeting with the coaches because she didn't want any drama, and she didn't want anyone talking negatively about her. She wanted the issue to be addressed and ended.
  • Logan felt like the issue wasn't handled fairly because they told Brittney to ignore her as well, when she did nothing wrong. So, she decided to quit the team and focus on other things. She didn't have time for any extra drama in her life.
  • A week after everything went down, Logan felt like that was the best decision she had made. She was now drama-free and had more time to do other things. And, more drama got started up on the team anyways, so she dogged that bullet.
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