Lincoln Steffens Muckraker Cartoon Strip Project
Updated: 3/2/2020
Lincoln Steffens Muckraker Cartoon Strip Project

Storyboard Description

By: Logan Topolosky

Storyboard Text

  • Setting: San FranciscoMuckraker: Lincoln Steffens
  • Hello. My name is Lincoln Steffens and I'm a Muckraker. I'm also a journalist.
  • Do you think the government's corrupt?
  • Yes. The government gets away with anything they do no matter what. It has to change!
  • Excuse me sir. I'm a journalist and I'm writing about corruption in the Government. Can you tell me how you feel about corruption in today's society?
  • Yes I can. May I say that is a perfect topic to write about because it's a very big issue right now. I think that there should be more laws put into place to put an end to all the corruption in today's society.
  • Us citizens really need to do something about the government being corrupt soon before things get out of hand. I think that the way the Soviet Union's government does things is how America should do things.
  • When he went to the Soviet Union he thought it was perfect.
  • He's talking about how he thinks the way the Soviet Union was is how America should be.
  • "I have been over into the future, and it works."
  • He wrote about how the law was corrupt especially the government. By him writing about corruption it helped put an end to corruption in the government. He's part of the reason there's laws to prevent corruption in today's society.
  • Stop The Corruption!
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