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ouija progect 1
Updated: 11/28/2017
ouija progect 1
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  • ALEX: Hey guys!
  • ALEX: Ok. Be back quick!
  • PENNY: Andrea and i are going to the bathroom. Be right back!
  • ANDREA: Yea lets go!
  • PENNY: Whats that in the far distance? Maybe we should check it out.
  • Alex, one out of five of the main characters, invites her four friends over for a party at her house. She welcomes them in to do some activities.
  • ALEX: Oh my gosh that's a Ouija board. We should do it!
  • KELLY: Umm. i don't think so that's dangerous!
  • PENNY: Guys look what we found!
  • Yes OUIJA No A B C D E F G H I J K
  • Penny and Andrea decide they are gonna go check out the woods just near by while they are all playing a game. But made up an excuse saying they are going to the bathroom.
  • Maybe this isn't a great idea
  • Andrea and Penny head into the woods to explore a little bit. And Penny spots something weird in the distance. They head deeper into the woods to check out what it is.
  • KELLY: No! I don't want to mess with any spirits or ghosts!
  • PENNY: Come on Kelly you gonna play with us?
  • Penny and Andrea walk into the house to tell the rest of the girls that they found a Ouija Board. Alex is interested in it and decides she also wants to try it out.
  • JESSICA: Ghost don't exist were fine.
  • Alex leads the girls down to the basement so they can play. Andrea, Penny, Jessica, and Kelly walk downstairs to try out the Ouija board. But Kelly starts having second thoughts.
  • Everybody sits around the Ouija Board and is ready to play. But Kelly starts having second thoughts on playing because she is too scared. She tells the group that she would rather watch then play.
  • YesOUIJANo A B C D E F G H I J
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