Drama Shakespeare Commercial
Updated: 1/17/2021
Drama Shakespeare Commercial

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • Oh well, it makes thy face look pretty, but sometimes scars it…
  • So ladies, what doth thou think of thy lovely product?
  • Indeed, Maria is right. It does reek as well.
  • Oh, really? I supposed thou does have a point. But the appearance is worth the less-than-pleasant smell.
  • Scene 2
  • Good day, m’ladies! I received thy text from Maris about this little gathering. I am welcome, correct?
  • Oh, of course thou art, Malvolio! Come and join us!
  • Scene 3
  • Dangerous, you say? Sure, the lead can be dangerous if too much is used, but what of it? How doth thou know this?
  • Oh dear, this is terrible! We have made a big mistake! What shall we do, Olivia? Malvolio?
  • I assume thee is not here for the makeup? Probably to do your hair, am I right?
  • Indeed, but I must say, that product thou all art using could be dangerous to thy face.
  • Characters: Maria (light pink dress), Viola (blue dress), Olivia (dark pink dress).Setting: Olivia's bedroom, they are doing makeup together while talking.Directions: Maria points out her scars/blemishes to Olivia
  • Scene 4
  • Wonderful idea, Maria! The Illyrian market has recently increased thy stock, so it ought to be no problem acquiring it!
  • Well, I’m afraid I do not know the specifics where thy product is, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. After all, there are very few places in Illyria that sell this alternative product.
  • Thou are correct, but the market is such a general term. Where specifically shall we look? Like, which owner of which street vendor? Or what location?
  • Characters: Malvolio, Maria, Olivia, Viola.Setting: The front room of Olivia's home. Malvolio walks in having got a text and Viola welcomes him.Directions: The girls exchange glaces wondering if Malvolio should join, they return to Olivia's room
  • Scene 5
  • Alternative product, huh? You have spoken so much about this matter, but we have yet to know much about it. Care to enlighten us?
  • Why Malvolio, what reason does thee know so much about makeup, considering you likely don’t use it yourself?
  • Indeed it has. Thank you for this outing.
  • Malvolio says to Olivia: Well, it’s true that white lead can be poisonous if applied to thy skin for a while. Like say, more than once or twice a week.Maria says: Well then, where shall we go to get an alternative? The market maybe?Directions: Malvolio smiles and nods to Maria at the end
  • Scene 6
  • Why, thank you for this idea Malvolio. It has been an, interesting day to say the very least.
  • My dear Maria and ladies, it’s right here, finally!
  • Setting: The outdoor "market", where they go to find a better makeup product.Characters: All in previous scene expect Maria, who is skipping ahead, much to Malvolio's obliviousness of her being ahead of them. Directions: Olivia gives Malvolio an expectant look after her part
  • Hmm, these are valid questions Viola, but I’m afraid I do not have the answers. Since he is the one who started this, what of it Malvolio?
  • Directions: Malvolio light touches Maris's cheek when calling her a lovely lady.Malvolio says to Olivia: Oh, what an easy question to answer! I have this knowledge for the purpose of impressing attractive women such as thou, of course. Olivia and Viola rolls their eyes at the antic but Maria smiles and blushes in awe.
  • It is a makeup product for lovely ladies such as yourself , white and pure, and free from dangerous ingredients such as white lead.
  • Setting: a different part of the city, day approaching night Directions: After Viola's first part, The others nod in agreement and continue looking for a street shop selling the makeup. Hours pass, and yet they are unable to find it. Everyone is barely standing on their two feet, exhausted. After Malvolio's first part, they each buy a container of product and thank him.
  • Now then, let’s continue searching and get what we came for.
  • Oh Malvolio, it’s getting so late! It’s nighttime! Where is thy shop already?