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Updated: 4/8/2020
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  • Hello, my name is Lotanna and I think Andrew Jackson should stay on the $20 bill
  • He used his presidency to his advantage
  • These actions don't not make him worth of being on the $20bill
  • He shut down the second bank of America
  • Myfriends willexplain this whole thingbetter.
  • The common man would not know what to talk about if he/she runs the government
  • The Jacksonian Democracy was just as bad as the Second Bank. The Jacksoinian Democracy was where the common people could run the government.
  • The spoils system. Andrew Jackson did makesome dumbdecisions. Thiswas when he rewarded politicalsupporters withgovernmentjobs.
  • Psst. It's me, Andrew Jackson.
  • Why?
  • You restricted the use of paper money and this led to a depressionnamed Panic of1837.
  • Umm. Hi. Iwas going toprotest on howyou should be replaced onthe 20 dollarbill.
  • Hey. I learned about you!!You caused the Indian Removal Act andit lead to the Trailof Tears.You should be removed from the $20 bill. I'm just a kid but once it is 2026. I am going to try to get someone else on the bill.
  • Hey. Little Kid, it's me, Andrew Jackson.
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