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Updated: 2/25/2019
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  • Master is wrong, it isn't simply cold, it is fataly freezing, we must seek shelter.
  • Sure is cold out here, but I've faced cold nature before-it is not a big deal.
  • This path is dangerous, there is water concealed beneath a thin layer of ice, and there is a high chance of getting wet or even falling in. 
  • Check ahead, my loyal dog.
  • But master, it is Dangerous.
  • A fire, finally!
  • A fire is needed, I am simply too cold, this weather is unusually cold.
  • A man and a dog are traveling in the Yukon territory, during an especially freezing period of up to 75 below zero. The man is aware that it is colder than usual, however only the dog realize just how dangerous the cold really is.
  • Oh no, I've fallen in, and my equipment is wet, a fire is needed immediately!
  • The path, which the man must take, is across a frozen creek, which is dangerous, because even though its frozen, steams of water from the hills, concealed under the snow and thin ice can make a travers boots/equipment wet if the ice breaks. To be safe, the man sends his dog ahead to scout, which the dog is not happy to do.
  • I must run to safety, the boys shall take good care of me, I just need to go a bit further.
  • The man realizes he cannot go any further without a fire, however, he only lights the fire for a brief period of time, before heading off again.
  • Master... master?
  • The man has fallen into the water and wet his equipment, so, he is in desperate need of a fire, to warm up and to dry up.
  • After several unsuccessful fire-making attempts the man tries to kill the dog and use him to warm up, however since that doesn't work, he resorts to trying to flee to the boy's home, where the boys can nurture him.
  • Due to the lack of physical strength, the man didnt make it to the boy's home and froze to death, leaving his dog all alone. Later, the he dog departs for the camp, where he knows feeders and fire-makers live.
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