christopher colombus project
Updated: 2/8/2020
christopher colombus project
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  • Christopher Columbus, I will give you three ships to sail to Asia.
  • The Approval
  • Thank you Queen Isabella. I will find many treasures and bring them back to you.
  • The Journey
  • We sail for Asia! Get ready to be rich!
  • Land Ho!
  • No, we only have coconuts here.
  • Hello! Do you have any gold, sivler or bronze that you want to give me?
  • King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain gave their approval for Christopher Columbus to set sail for Asia. She gave him three ships. The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.
  • Another Journey
  • i claim this land to be Spain
  • welcome to our country christopher
  • Christopher Columbus prepares his ships for what could be a rough journey to Asia. He was out to find a faster route.
  • the Americas
  • goodbye
  • please do not kill me
  • Christopher Columbus does not land in Asia. He lands in Bahamas and thought it was the West Indies. He called it San Salvador. he discovered the people were very nice and had spices in new food but had no gold
  • Columbus Dies
  • Christopher Columbus set sail again for Asia, but ended up in America.
  • Christopher Columbus killed many of the native Indians. He killed men, women and even children.
  • Columbus dies in Spain in 1506. The people did not know what he had done in the America's to the native Indians. He died wealthy and as a hero.
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