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Medieval Alex
Updated: 6/24/2020
Medieval Alex
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Once upon a time there was a little boy called Alex (12) who lived in Bury St Edmunds with his mum and dad and his dog Rosie Sundays are one of Alex’s favourite days, a day full of treats, which included; Mcdonalds breakfast and carboot sale with dad. One Sunday…. Alex sees a middle-ages helmet shining under the sun.. he remembers studying middle ages at school and walked towards it. Alex: Dad! look at the crest on that helmet! How cool is that, can I buy it? Dad: yes peanut, use your pocket money. Alex thinks “wonder how it would have been to be a knight” and tries the helmet on. Cabooze!! Alex is transported to the middle ages. Meanwhile at the car boot sale, dad panics Dad: Alex where are you!!!?? Rosie the dog thinks: Alex! I miss you and whined sadly. Alex finds himself in a field where a mob is running towards his direction. A football is right next to him Alex: Ahhhh run for your life! Alex scapes the mob and hides behind a tree. Alex: How in the world did I get here?! Where am I? Why are they dressed funny??! A serf middle age boy approaches Serf boy: Are you playing? Alex: Playing? !!.... Playing what! Alex replies Serf Boy: mob football of course! Alex . mob football? Haha We are not in the middle ages! Serf Boy: what do you mean? It is the year of our lord 1215. Alex is shocked.. Alex: Whattt? Is this a dream? Pinch me! Serf boy: you are weird. At last year's game my uncle got trampled over and ended up with two broken legs! Alex realises that he has somehow Transported to a English village in the middle ages. The serf boy does look the part and he smells of body odor and smoke Alex: I am not sure how I got here, but... I am from the future..I definitely do not want to play football now! In 2020 football has loads of rules, is played in a stadium and we have a referee!It is a lot safer! Serf boy: Have you bumped your head? From the future you said?? You are dressing funny!.. And you speak funny ? and why are your ears little? Alex: I was born like this, I am deaf and I wear a bone conductor hearing aid. Love to chat, but nature calls Alex thinks: ohhh shoot… i don't want to dig a hole and wipe my bum with leaves.. Alex finds an isolated tree... Alex thinks: ew this is horrible! Life in the middle ages really sucks! Serf boy: are you ok?? You are deaf you say? But you can speak! Alex: Of course I can speak, my name is Alex, what's yours? Serf boy: My name is Aldwin. Come and meet my family, we ll help you find yours. Alex: sure he murmurs. Alex remembers his hearing aids batteries will run out in a day, he needs to get home… and fast! The little boy took Alex to his village and they arrive at the Serf boy’s cottage: Serf boy: mum !!! This is Alex and he is lost! Alex this is my family Serf family of 15 looks back at him Alex: hello! Alex says shyly. You have a big family! I am the only child! Serf boy: Oh I have 13 brothers and 1 sister. Three of my brothers died when they were really young. It was hard for mum and dad. Alex: Sorry to hear that. In the future, people live longer and we have a medicine that we call antibiotics, which helps with infection. I have survived many infections myself. I am very lucky to have been borned in the year 2020. Do you ALL sleep in this room? And why is it so smoky? And why are there no windows? Serf boy: it is so cold that the fire needs to be kept burning overnight and now mum is cooking dinner. Serf woman: Aldwin, is getting dark, go and bring all the animals in for the night. Alex: ew I don't want to sleep with animals, animals stink!! Serf boy: We can't leave them outside. It is too cold! Alex that's your spot, - serf boy says pointing at a corner in the Villager’s home)- you sleep there. Alex: where is the bed? Serf boy: just there, I ve give you extra hay to make you more comfortable Alex thinks: Hay!! What about my pillow, and soft blanket? Alex thinks: Life in the middle ages really sucks! The following morning at 4am: Alex is scratching everywhere. Serf boy: must be the fleas, sorry Alex, I ll ask mum to change the hay Alex yawning: ew! What time is it? It's so early!! Serf boy: is sunrise! Dad and my brothers need to work on the landlord fields today, I need to help mum in the allotment. Alex: Don’t you have to go to school? Serf boy: School? What’s a school? You mean where you learn to read and write? That's only for rich folks. My dad will teach me how to work the fields when I am older. Alex: I can’t believe you have to work since sunrise. In the future, in 2020 all children in the UK go to school, and lessons start at 9am.We concentrate on learning. Aldwin: Really?? Wow. I wouldn't want to go to school, I will learn all I need to learn here. Is school easier or harder than working on the allotment?what do you do after school? Alex: yes it is much easier, but only if you want to learn. We read books, learn math and science to make sense of the world around us. After school I play Fortnite which is a video game, and mum cooks a nice dinner. I do homework, wash and go to bed. Aldwin: sounds like a privileged life. You must be very rich. Alex: Not really, I am just an average boy in England 2020. Alex thinks in a panic: Jesus my hearing aids batteries will run out soon. Alex: where are the toilets please? I need to wash my face and brush my teeth. Serf boy: there is some water there you can use. Alex sees a bucket with brown water in it Alex says: this water is dirty Serf boy: We only just brought that water 2 weeks ago, we all use it. The water around here is dirty. We need to walk two hours to get better water. Alex thinks: Life in the middle ages really sucks! Serf woman: breakfast is ready! Alex thinks: hmm I am starving I could do with an English breakfast! Serf woman gives everyone a piece of bread and ale. Alex sighed in disappointment. Alex thinks: Life in the middle ages really sucks! Serf woman: Alex, Aldwin says you are deaf., but you can speak! My cousin is deaf and dumb, what is that in your head? Alex: is sort of a hearing aid, it amplifies the sound. But I also lipread, it can be hard work Serf woman: hearing aids? What sort of sorcery is that? Alex: is not sorcery, is science! Serf woman: We need to get you back to your family! How did you get here? Alex: I was in a carboot sale with dad, and I tried on a Helmet that magically transported me to your time in history. Serf woman: A carboot sale? Is that like a market? Show me the helmet. Alex show the serf woman the helmet Serf woman: Oh that crest belongs to the Spalls of East Anglia. They are powerful and rich people. We need to take you to them. Serf woman: my brother in law is going that way later today, once Aldwin has finished his shores he can come along. Alex: brilliant thank you so much, I ll help Aldwin today. Alex and Aldwin work on the allotment, and look after their animals that day. Alex: Why does your dad and brothers have to work on the Lord of the Manor’s fields, and don’t even get paid? it is a bit unfair. Aldwin: This is the way it is. It is God’s will. I will also work on his fields when I am old enough. God has put us in this earth to serve the lord, and in return, he keeps us safe from invaders. Alex: In the future, people that are not happy protest, thet take on the streets to make sure their voices are heard. Only then, real change happens. Serf woman: boys it is time to go! Alex and Aldwin jump on the wagon on their way to east anglia. Three hour later… Alex: Are we there yet? My bum hurts! Serf man: we ll stop in town for a bit In the market: Serf man: Boys you can go and explore and I'll meet you here in an hour. Alex and Aldwin are very excited. The market is inside a citadel, the streets are buzzing with people, entertainers and merchants. Adwin says: Be ready, we will come across the butchers soon, and it can be very stinky They walked past the butchers, and the streets were full of blood and animal parts. Alex: The smell is awful. He *gags* Alex: I need to go to the toilet, where do i go? Aldwin: you can use the public toilets Alex saw a hole and used rags full of poo on the side. Alex: There isn't a door! How am I supposed to have any privacy! Aldwin: Everyone does it, no one cares. Stop whining and get on with it! My cousin’s job is to clean the cesspits, now, that’s a hard job to do! Alex thinks: Life in the middle ages really sucks! Serf man: Kids, it's time to go! After a few more hours they arrived at the fortress. Serf Man yells at the gate: I Have come to deliver this boy, He is one of your family. Sir Spall: This boy doesn't look like us. Alex: My mom is Peruvian and my dad is English, but my surname is Spall. My name is Alex and I am from the future. I know that you,and the other Barons, will soon stand up to King John, as he is being a royal bully. Sir Spall thinks to himself: How does he know about us making a stand? Is he a spy? hmm.. he does have a familiar resemblance. Let him in, he orders Sir Spall looks at Alex’s helmet. Sir Spall: This is our crest!. Let’s have a chat, but first, we are about to have dinner please join us. We hunted this morning, we will have wild boar, Sir Spall is curious about Alex. A magnificent table is laid out in the great hall. Servant to Aldwin : Get out of my way! get out of here. You will eat in the kitchen with us. Alex to Sir Spall: This is my friend Aldwin, can he join us? Sir Spall: He is a serf boy!,and everyone has its place! But we can make an exception since you are a guest. Dinner was very different from his experience at Aldwin’s house. There is a table laid out by the servants, they had meat, and even dessert! A minstrell came to entertain and also brought gossip! Alex: Great, I don't have mum nagging me to go and wash my hands! Although I hope the cook didn’t go for number 2 before cooking this meal! Ew, I bet he didn’t wash his hands either Alex sits next to a beautiful 12 year old girl, daughter of Sir Spall,who looked sad Alex: Hello, my name is Alex, why are you sad? Isabel: I am Isabel, I am to wed next week Alex: You mean, get married? Holy cow, you are young! Don’t you like the boy you will marry? Isabel: I haven’t met him, mom and dad arranged the match. They say it would be a good thing for both families, but I feel a bit scared. Alex: It sucks not being able to choose who you marry! Sir Spall calls Alex to another room after dinner Sir Spall: tell me more about yourself boy. Alex: I come from the year 2020, I don’t know how. You are one of my ancestors Sir Spall: How did you know about the attack? Alex: Because I am from the future, and I know that in this year, 1215, you and the other Barons will force King John to sign a document that will be known as the Magna Carta. This piece of paper will lay down the foundation to our justice system in the future. Sir Spall: There is no way you could have known about this. It's good to know that we will win! Alex: I need to get home Sir, and I need your help Sir Spall: How can I help you? Alex: As my ancestor, you need to say the magic words three times… Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite and do the dab. Then I will wear the helmet, that should do it! Sir Spall: Why don't you stick around one more day? We are holding a tournament tomorrow Alex: I would love to but I am sure mum and dad are missing me! And also my hearing aids batteries are running out! Alex says goodby to Aldwin and wishes him the best. Adwin sulks: Goodbye my friend Sir Spall says the magic words and does the dab. Alex wears the helmet and he is transported back to 2020! Alex calls: mum! Dad! Mum and dad come running towards Alex Mum and dad: We were worried sick! Where have you been? Rosie rolls over and bark happily Alex: You wouldn't believe it if I told you. THE END
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