Updated: 3/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I heard that you could drive a Mercedes without speed limits is that true?
  • In fact, you can, but I don´t like cars so I didn´t do it.
  • Comeon are you ok of your mind? You could drive one of the best luxury cars in the world,are you kidding?
  • I don´t remember that, maybe I was in another place, maybe in the Oktober fest, itwas wowwww amazing.
  • Uff I like that, we must go without hesitation.
  • An Oktober What?
  • It´sa party, I mean, a big party.
  • My cousin went to Germany the last year, and she told me, that she saw many nakedpeople.
  • Get it but tell me more about Germany.
  • Remember if you go, you don´t have to wear a nazi shirt.
  • HAHAHA what the hell Isaac?
  • It was amazing, well not of all. I saw very ugly things.
  • Yeah,we saw it too... it was…
  • What? Does anyone is agree with me? Lorena? Sistos?
  • Yeah, it could be fun.