Ingles 2

Updated: 5/12/2020
Ingles 2

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  • Once the treatment is taken, Eduard returns to his normal life
  • Commuting to work by bike has risen by about 60 percent in 10 yearsIt benefits a lot to take fresh air before work
  • However Eduard now had problems with his girlfriend
  • I dont now whats happend I´ve never been sick before, but I´m nauseous an tiredWe should go to the doctor to see you remember the mother has not eaten for five months and has lost half of her body weigth. You don´t want to go through the sameOK, we will go to the doctor
  • Waithing for the results of the doctor
  • Have you ever imaged a future with me?
  • Hospital ABC
  • OF COURSEEverytime we part I´ve missed you so much
  • Miss Stephany?
  • Hospital ABC
  • Enter alone and when leaving..........
  • Really?My dream has come true. Thank you
  • Something wonderfull has happened. Eduard, I´m pregnant!!!!!