Ingles tarea 1

Updated: 5/12/2020
Ingles tarea 1

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  • Hello darkness my old friend.I´ve come to talk with you again.I´ve made a desicion. Were goingt to that montain to camp when Boov appeared.
  • The maniac Boov has ruined everything This is bad, when I thought he was gone but ........How long has he been gone?Two weeks, one day 15 hoursI must ask for urgent help
  • Hello HenryHi Eduard, how are you ?Not very well, remember that you told me once that your uncle is a psychiatrist. Do you can introduce me pleaseUm, sure, see you tomorrowThanks
  • Him?Uh-Uh I´ve never seen him before
  • Hello HenryHe´s your uncle?
  • Well, I think I see people who don´t exist.
  • He´s my uncle Leo, this is Eduard
  • Hi Eduard, hoe can I help you?
  • Seriously!!! Why do you say?The other day I saw how a girl named Alice has escaped from a guy named Shrek when she claimed him saying:-I´ve made changes for you Shrek. Think about that-But when I asked my girldfriend if she has heard them discuss, she said: -That it was ok? because there was noboy.
  • That´s why today I have come to say goodbye to these illusions
  • OK Can I help youBut you should go in first