Carla Curls
Updated: 1/12/2020
Carla Curls
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  • Weeeeee
  • AHHHHH! I need to get it off!
  • Can you please help me get this octopus off my head
  • I will try to taunt it with some bacon
  • Carla Curls was jumping off her diving board into her brand new pool.
  • Me will try n peeeeel it offffff of you heeeead
  • But when she swam up, there was an octopus on her head!!! It must have been attracted to her hair because it matched it perfectly.
  • Of course! All we need to do is restyle your hair!
  • Can you please help!?! You are me last hope!!!
  • OMG! Thank you soooo much! I look amazing
  • Carla Curls ran all over to find help. She found Mr.Bacon and asked for his help to get the octopus off her head, but his idea didn't work. The bacon got stuck too!
  • No problem!
  • Carla Curls searched all day to find help, and before she knew it, it was dark and stormy. But luckily she found Cat-O-Pillar who tried to help her, but his idea to peel it off didn't work either; it just got the octopus all slimey.
  • Can you please help me!?!
  • Finally after many long days and nights of searching, Carla Curls found a mermaid who could help her!
  • After changing the style of Carla Curl's hair a little bit, the octopus fell off and waddled home leaving Carla Curls with a splendid new look!
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