until we win 2
Updated: 12/2/2020
until we win 2

Storyboard Text

  • Lizzy dreamt all the way long from Denham to Waltham.She was eager to become completely self-sufficient.
  • I never heard about shorthand before...Mr Dawes said that if I learned it, I 'd be able to do a lot more than filing and I'd earn more too.
  • Well, I'm thirsty and hungry. Besides, I have an hour to spare. Let's get into a coffee house and have some tea and cake!
  • Lizzy found the worker's Institute and cheked the hour.It was far too early for the lesson.
  • She entered the nearest coffee house. There were only two other consumers, a pair of young women. As Lizzy was looking for a seat, one of them asked her gently:
  • Are you here for the meeting ?
  • What meeting?
  • The W.S.P.U. meeting for sure! In the mission hall!
  • Then, Lizzy noticed their badges. Indeed, the two of them wore purple, green and white badges.
  • They are suffragettes. I've heard a lot about them in newspapers, and I admire them. However, I never tought I will meet some.
  • Lizzy was really confused. She has never really considered this issue. Yet, now that she tought about it, it was intolerable that women hadn't this simple right.
  • Are you a supporter ?
  • Yes... I mean no .... I mean, not yet ...of course women must have the vote!
  • Their friendliness made Lizzy comfortable. She moved accross the room and sat down in front of the two suffragettes.
  • I'm Elsie Roberts, and my friend is Mrs Julia Harrold.
  • Won't you come and join us ?