among the hidden comic summary
Updated: 5/26/2021
among the hidden comic summary

Storyboard Description

among the hidden.

Storyboard Text

  • once there was a boy named Luke. he lived in a world where parents can only have 2 children. he was a 3rd child. which means he mad to hide his whole life.
  • Its boring here!
  • One day when he was looking out the window. he saw some figure in the neighbors house, even though he saw the whole family leave.
  • Who is that???
  • Luke was so curious he crossed to the house. finding a little girl named Jen. he later makes friends with her. he keeps it a secret from his dad, mom, and his brothers so they don't find out he is going over to a random person's house.
  • after talking about being a shadow child, Jen explains what she does when she is bored. she likes talking online to other shadow children in her group chat. she teaches him how to disarm the alarm she has in her house. if he does not disable it security guards come since they live in a mansion. after luke goes over a few times, he sees his dad isn't home so he decides to go over to Jens house. he disables the alarm and heads upstairs. there is no sign of Jen anywhere he even goes to the computer to say in the group chat. "wheres Jen?".
  • after posting the message a man comes in with a gun and tells luke to freeze. luke says "who are you and where is Jen," the man says "you know Jen?". "yeah, I'm her friend." . the man later explains that he is Jens father and that Jen was killed by the population police. Jens dad knows because is one of them. He explains that he wants to save Luke from them since they saw the group chat and traced Jen. Jens dad says he can change his identity and take him somewhere safe, far away, and hidden from the goverment.
  • Dont shoot dont shoot!!!
  • Luke changes his identity to Lee Grant and leaves his family to go to a safe place that helps third children change their identities and hide. the place was like an underground railroad. when saying goodbye to Lukes's family the mom was crying hysterically. who knows what will happen down there in the railroad.
  • Lets do this!!!