the war of 1812 comic
Updated: 4/9/2020
the war of 1812 comic

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  • I, James Madison declare war against Britain.
  • The Declaration
  • Queenston Heights
  • York
  • On June 18th 1812, president James Madison, after being pressured by the war hawks,he declaired the war of 1812 agenst the United Kingdom.
  • New Orleans
  • This was the first magor battle in the war. The battle was fought near Queenston, in what was called Upper Canada. It took place on October 13 1812 and was an attempt for the Americans to take over the Canadian half of the Niagara River/Falls. The British won.
  • Lundy's Lane
  • On April 27th 1813, in York Upper Canada (Toronto, Ontario). British and First Nation peoples who were defending the Canadian capital, were bumbarded when they saw the Americans storm into Fort York. The Americans won.
  • On January 8 1815,the last magor battle of the war was fought, the battle of New Orleans. This battle was fought after the treaty of ghent was sighned but the americans did not reseve the news utill afte they attacked. The Americans won.
  • This battle was fought west of Niagara Falls on July 25 1814. This was one of the most deadly battles ever foght in Canada. This battle ended the US invation of Canada. The British won.
  • This battle was fought on lake Champlain in New York, on september 11th 1814. This battle ended the final invation of the US. The Americans won.
  • Plattsburgh