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The World on the Turtle's Back
Updated: 4/27/2020
The World on the Turtle's Back
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  • Soon, the two twins were grown men. They still fought to be the best. Neither of them had won, but neither had lost. Both of them knew that their conflict would only grow to the point where they would kill each other, so they had duels. The first day, they gambled. Neither of them won. The second day, they played lacrosse. Again, neither of them won. The third day, they battles with clubs. Once more, neither won.
  • Gambling Bowl
  • On the last day of the duel, the twins chose their weapons. The left-handed twin chose a stick that wouldn't be able to hurt his brother. The right-handed twin chose a deer antler, and killed his brother within seconds.
  • The left-handed twin died, but his spirit still lived. The right-handed twin threw his brother's body off the Earth. The left-handed twin's spirit rules over the night. The right-handed twin returned home. His grandmother went into a rage because the right-handed twin murdered his brother. She threw food out of their cabin, calling him a murderer.
  • The right-handed brother grew angry, and shouted at his grandmother that his brother was the murderer and how he killed their mother. In his anger, the right-handed twin grabbed his grandmother's throat and cut her head off. The right-handed twin threw her body into the ocean and her head into the sky. There, her head still stays, as the moon, watching over her favorite grandson at night.
  • Now, the right-handed twin lives in Sky World, while the left-handed twin lives under the world, enjoying the sounds of warfare and torture from the humans aboves.
  • The two brothers represented the two ways of the world: the straight mind and the crooked mind. The two had creative powers, so they modeled clay into animals, and gave these clay models life. The right-handed brother made peaceful animals while the left-handed brother created predators. The two kept the world equal.
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