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Updated: 5/13/2020
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  • There had once lived an innocent young girl. Who grew up living in poverty as a child. She grew up without things normal people would have, but she still managed to get through those rough times, and still smile through the pain no matter what. They named her Jocelyn.
  • As a child, she lived with her parents. Later then in the year, they gave her away to her grandparents. Jocelyn would always ask her grandparents why her real family gave her away. Her grandparents would always tell Jocelyn "They just had hard times raising you at such a young age with no job nor money" But actually, her real family were drug addicts, and alcohol addictions, they just didn't want to upset Jocelyn.
  • Jocelyn had a lot of friends. They all accepted and admired her for who she is and she would do the same. She also had bullies who hated how she's popular just for having the best "personality"