Courtly love

Updated: 6/19/2020
Courtly love

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  • Another visit to our lord's court...
  • I wonder what will be served tonight. Jousting all day has me famished!
  • Gods! What a vision! I must have that beauty!
  • Hmm... Can you dance? Write poetry? Did you wash before you came in?
  • He is so handsome. Perhaps he will try to win my favor in his next tournament
  • I think he is looking this way (giggle)
  • I have unseated The DeathSlayer for the tourney win in your honor, m'lady. Come to the balcony so that I may look upon your face and claim my true prize.
  • Such sweet words. Just a glimpse, for you must do more to win my favor, sir.
  • Months later...
  • Finally, I am worthy of an invitation to her chambers.
  • I pledge my devotion, from now until the end of time...
  • Gentle, noble knight... my love is yours...