Unknown Story

Updated: 6/30/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Him going to the store to find a new pair of jeans to wear.
  • Sure that will be 60 dollars
  • I would like to purchase these pants please
  • Grabbing his pair of jeans and then proceeding to get changed into them.
  • He gets encountered's by 2 big men and his told to give back the mans money. From the changing room, he is shocked and says he doesn't have the money.
  • He goes to the checkout to purchase a pair of jeans. The employee says that will be $60. But he only can pay $80, thankfully the man doesn't accuse him while he is paying the extra money.
  • He goes out of the store starts his car and then drives off into the distance, all of a sudden he finds the man and his friend and decides to teach them a lesson, and gives them $200 dollars.
  • He goes back to the store the next day and encounters the shop lady. She says that the man found his money and told her what you did. And was furious with him.