BET Storyboard

Updated: 5/13/2020
BET Storyboard

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  • We prepped for a full day of BET sampling!
  • Check out BoardFord 1Ford 2Ram 1
  • Field cooler
  • BET Field supplies
  • Bear Spray
  • Did you do a truck check?
  • Even did a truck check before leaving the DSF
  • Yep!
  • We used the GPS to navigate to the plot and our compass to find the other two traps. We collected our sample in the whirlpack with 3 locality labels inside
  • YELL_003. S.20200513.
  • S
  • Whirlpack
  • Entered all the data into our tablet and saved the records!
  • BET: Field Collection
  • YELL_003 3 trap collections
  • Got stuck in a bear jam on the way out of Yellowstone!
  • When we got back to the DSF we put all of the field gear away and put the BET samples in the fridge in the dirty lab.