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SCIENCE (Mr Palmer)- digestive system task 2
Updated: 5/6/2020
SCIENCE (Mr Palmer)- digestive system task 2
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  • hi we are here today to teach your about the digestive system
  • lets start!
  • oh yes please!
  • when you eat the food starts off in the mouth because your saliva can break down the food into chemicals called enzymes.
  • Once your food is broken down it moves through your esophagus, which is the pipe that connects your mouth to your stomach. this is called peristalsis.
  • next it moves into the stomach. in the stomach it is broken down a second time by acids and powerful enzymes.
  • then it moves into the small intestine where its broken down for the third time by enzymes released from the pancreas and the bile of the liver.
  • anything that is left in the small intestine moves to the large intestine. the large intestine is also know as the colon.
  • the large intestine or the colon is such an interesting part of the body. did you know that irts up to 5-7 foot long!
  • also it can take up to or even longer than 36 hours for waste to travel through the large intestine!
  • once the food has travelled through the large intestine it exists through the rectum and the anus.
  • and thats how the digestive system works. we hope you liked it. bye
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