PDHPE Assessment

Updated: 6/15/2020
PDHPE Assessment

Storyboard Text

  • Close the door Frank.
  • Right you are!
  • Hi, how are you, Roy?
  • Just let me disinfect my hands...
  • Dunno
  • How much d'you think the last ones will pay for the plumbing. They fell for it pretty simply.
  • Here we begin to see emphasis on Roy's fidgeting and anxiety of Frank in the house. Roy's OCD is shown by a strange, discomforted stance and unsure facial expression.
  • Let me close the blinds before we begin...
  • When Frank enters Roy's house, he immediately hastens to do what Roy would feel safe around - disinfect his hands. This is just one example of how Frank would help the patient - doing the small things that the person would prefer.
  • Even though Roy is acting strangely, fidgeting and looking unsure, Frank DOES NOT comment on this - he entices in normal conversation with Roy, not judging or talking to Roy about the disorder.
  • Okay, let us begin. Roy... so, what do you think this new washing pipe will sell for?
  • Frank further hastens to correct the small details that will make Roy's life much more bearable - closing the blinds will mean no sunlight can stream through the windows, which cause Roy hallucinations and fear. This initiative is vital in somebody helpful.
  • Roy Waller Medication OCD
  • In a scene where Roy is taking his normal prescription medicine, Frank does not comment. Again, he simply allows Frank to take it...
  • ... and then continues talking with Roy about work as if nothing has happened, as if Roy simply had a sip to drink or bite to eat.