The Help
Updated: 9/9/2020
The Help

Storyboard Text

  • the story begins with Aibileen working for Mrs Leefolt and caring for Mae Mobly, Aibileen tries her hardest as she is still grieving over her son who passed away.
  • Mrs Leefolt installs a bathroom for 'The Help' in her house because she think she will get a disease.
  • After being begged to help Skeeter write her book on how 'The Help' are treated Aibileen agrees to help.
  • After being kicked off the bus Aibileen hears that a black man has been shot by the KKK just down the road.
  • Aibileen and Skeeter find out that the book they had worked so hard on is going to be published.
  • After Insulting Hilly Aibileen is fired from her job working for Mrs Leefolt, this leaves Mae Mobly and Aibileen both sad.