Angela saves the Day!
Updated: 6/11/2020
Angela saves the Day!
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  • Hi Angela! Do you want to come down to Point Walter with us?
  • We're going swimming so pack your bathers! We bought drinks! *wink wink*
  • Ok, let me grab my stuff.
  • Yeah, it's so hot an the water looks beautiful down there.
  • Summer's mum let her bring a cask of wine and a few beers to drink before we go for a swim!
  • If you're swimming you could get a cramp or lose your orientation and drown
  • Guys! You're only 14 it's illegal, that's underage drinking. It can have long term health effects !
  • Ok then, goody two shoes. Want any?
  • No! I'm not drinking because it's not safe. But you are my friends so I'll stay and watch you in case you start drowning!
  • If you were really our friend you would drink with us!
  • At least eat something to slow down the time the alcohol is absorbed in to your blood stream or just drink less!
  • Guys, wait a bit after drinking before you get in.
  • I'm getting in. Stop acting like my grandma!
  • I have a leg cramp I can't swim!
  • Don't worry I'm coming Ivy! No Summer! Swim the other way. You've lost your orientation because your drunk!
  • Help! Help!I'm drowning!!
  • Thank you so much! You saved our lives. We promise we will only drink safely from now on!
  • You too, Summer. You couldn't save Ivy because you were drunk too and nearly drowned yourself from swimming the wrong way!
  • I've got you, it's ok now. Promise you won't drink until you're old enough and at low risk levels. You could have died!
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