religion assesment storyboard

Updated: 6/23/2020
religion assesment storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Paul told everyone he met about God
  • ...everyone came running from everywhere...
  • ...tongues of fire flew in from the sky...
  • ...then we understood all the languages...
  • ...and the wind suddenly picked up...
  • Paul travelled across all of Rome telling people about the word of the lord
  • ...hundreds of people gathered around us...
  • Others listened and spread the word of Jesus
  • ...and he said to pray to God to go to heaven.
  • Some people didn't like the change
  • I hate this newcomer who thinks he's in charge
  • We must stop him
  • Me too
  • They tried to stop Jesus from teaching
  • We mustn't speak here
  • Really?
  • IT'S A LIE!
  • But some people still wanted to learn about christ and met with Paul and others to speak of Christianity
  • ...and the holy spirit was with us.
  • wow