Brave New World Conflict Choice Board 1
Updated: 11/11/2020
Brave New World Conflict Choice Board 1

Storyboard Text

  • Intro to conflict
  • And this, is the fertilizing room. - The Director, pg. 2
  • Bernard Invites Lenina to the Savage Resevation
  • "I’d simply love to come with you for a week in July!"-Lenina, pg. 59
  • Savage Reservation
  • "Of course; if I can get permission, that is."John, pg. 151
  • “I wonder if you’d like to come back to London with us?-Bernard, pg. 151
  • The intro to the story begins in a laboratory, in which students are being taught about the manufacturing of babies. The Director is explaining the process.
  • John's Revelation
  • Bernard invites Lenina, a woman who he fancies, to visit a "savage reservation", in which the World State has not taken rule over. She accepts.
  • The DHC plans to dismiss Bernard
  • While in New Mexico at the savage reservation, Lenina and Bernard meet John, the son of the World State director, and convince him to return to London with them, along with his Mother, Linda. This begins the rising action.
  • John confesses love for Lenina
  • Lips and, ah, posteriors, Slowly form a presence; Whose? and, I ask, of what So absurd an essence,That something, which is not, Nevertheless should populate-John, pg. 199
  • After being disgusted by the reservation, and exhausted from the traveling Lenina ingests a large quantity of "Soma", a state-provided drug to sleep. While Bernard is gone with other business, John watches Lenina sleep as he reads quotes from Romeo and Juliet. It is during this time that he decides he is infatuated with Lenina.
  • The World State, at the request of the Director, John's Father, is planning to remove him from the city in the name of "stability". John feels extremely betrayed. This is the plateau of sorts before the climax.
  • "My Father!
  • John drops to his knees, quoting various Shakespeare lyrics, some totally incomprehensible, while attempting to express his love to Lenina. This begins the rapid downward spiral towards the climax of his conflict.
  • ?
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