Fixing Recipes
Updated: 5/5/2018
           Fixing Recipes
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  • Those are the exact ingredients for 1 pie. We need 3.
  • I found the how much of each ingredient we need for 1 pie.
  • You know, that we need to make 3 pies.That's for 1 pie.
  • WHAT!!! I spent 2 hours trying to perfect the recipe!!!
  • Instead of spending another 2 hours trying to find the recipe, multiply each ingredient by 3 
  • How?
  • Since you got the ingredients for 1 pie, multiply it by 3 because we are making 3 pies.
  • Oh! So, say the sheet I have is for 1 pie, I want to make 6, multiply each ingredient by 6.
  • So say if you have a recipe that makes 12 cookies, and you want half of that, you have to divide each ingredient by 1/2, so that makes 6 cookies. Say you have a recipe that says you can make 9 cookies and you need 27 cookies. Well, 27 is a multiple of 9 so you multiply each ingredient by 3 to get the proper amount.
  • Yeah, you got the hang of it, Kira.
  • Fix the mistakes and let's start baking!
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