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The world on a turtles back
Updated: 9/13/2020
The world on a turtles back
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  • Before the creation of the Earth, there was nothing but a vast ocean,, and above it was the Sky-world. In the Sky-world there were gods that were like people, and the center of the universe was the Great Tree.
  • The World on a Turtle's Back
  • The gods were expecting a child, the woman was having cravings and asked her husband to fetch her bark from the great tree, but he knew it was wrong.
  • Dig the roots!
  • Upon digging the roots, he didn't realize how thin the floor to the Sky-world was, He dug a hole and his wife's curiosity took over and she fell in the vast oceans below. The animals below tried to help her get soil so she could plant the roots, but only the muskrat was successful.
  • I need soil to plant the roots!
  • The mother had her child and they planted the seeds on a turtle's back. They began to grow when they walked around them, like the sun. Soon after the world began to grow, her daughter had twins. One left handed and the other right handed. They represented balance in the world, and created things in contrast to each other
  • I'm having twins!
  • The twins created animals out of clay, each one contrasting the other; predator and prey. Eventually they molded clay into man and baked it to make him alive. They were always competing and getting into fights, but no one ever won. There was one final battle where the left twin was knocked out of the world and ruled the night.
  • I will defeat him.
  • After the final fight, the right handed twin killed his left handed brother because his grandmother favored him and he killed their mother at childbirth. After this the right handed twin returned to the skyworld and became The Master of Life. The people on Earth have day time rituals to worship the right handed twin, and night time rituals to worship the left handed twin.
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