Updated: 9/1/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Sorry you're being taxed
  • what?!
  • i cant believe they are taxing us
  • we need to talk to Will Alfred about this
  • this is so un fair, we don't even get a say
  • hello do you need something
  • why are you letting them tax us?!
  • The British come and tell the colonists that they're being taxed.
  • The colonists behavior is terrible we need to stop the taxing
  • write letter to England
  • The colonists plan to talk to Will Alfred.
  • The colonist's riot to Will Alfred about being taxed.
  • besties!!
  • Will Alfred plans to write a letter to England complaining about the riots
  • The King receives the letter
  • the king decided not to tax them,,, YAY!!!