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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • Mom my goal is to tan for 4 hours today
  • No you are not!!! Radiation is dangerous.You can get skin burns,immediate low blood pressure, vomiting, and explosive bloody diarrhea occur.
  • OMG! Can I get any type of illness and which body system it affects
  • Yes many! Most common are cancer and cardiovascular disease. I do not know which sytem ir affects let's ask your dad
  • dad since you are a doctor, what body system does radiation affect
  • it affects gastrointestinal , cardiovascular and central nervous system
  • honey where is it found and how do people become exposed to them?
  • Radiation can be found in soils, in our air and water, and in us.The most common way to be exposed is by staying in the sun, like going to the beach
  • Is radiation a mutagen or carcinogen
  • Radiation is a carcinogen.Carcinogens are chemicals, some types of radiation, and certain viruses that can cause or promote cancer
  • dad but what can i do to prevent the exposure to it
  • There are many different way but one that many people can do it try to stay less time in the sun and when you do, do not do it at its peak
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