Updated: 3/13/2019

Storyboard Description

Story board

Storyboard Text

  • Catch the drop !!
  • Start
  • Instructions
  • Next
  • Level 1
  • This will be the main menu, if the player presses start the next scene will be loaded while if he presses instructions a pop up menu will come up showing the controls of the game.
  • Level 2
  • This scene will appear were it will show the character with an umbrella thinking of what he can do to try and save rain water . When the player is ready to play he will click next and level 1 will start.
  • Level 3
  • The player needs to fill the buckets with rain water by moving the buckets according to the drops.The player will have a total of 30 seconds to fill the buckets.
  • Level 4
  • Here the player needs to drag and drop the bucket near the sink so that they can wash their hands instead of turning on the mixer
  • Wash your car with a bucket of water and not with a power wash as you will waste more water. First the player needs to drag the shampoo on the bucket and than drag the bucket on the car.
  • With the ammount of water left the player needs to water the plants by dragging and dropping the watering can on the plants. By using a watering can this will reduce the amount of water wasted when using a hose pipe