Health Project
Updated: 6/7/2020
Health Project
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  • This is Steve and he is addicted to drinking alcohol. He just started drinking alcohol two months ago and is already addicted. He started drinking after he got fired from his job. Beside Steve is his wife Melissa and she is not happy with Steve and wants to help him. However, she doesn't know what she can do.
  • When Steve is drinking alcohol he gets very aggressive and starts arguing with Melissa. When he starts drinking alcohol and argues he is very hard to understand because he pronouncing most words wrong.
  • After Steve found out he had mouth cancer he went to the hospital and got surgery to remove the tumour. Steve knew he had to stop drinking alcohol because he did not want to make any of the long term effects he had any worse. However, he just couldn't stop. Melissa knew she had to help Steve. She decided that Steve has to go to a Rehab Centre where he will not be able to drink alcohol for a year. When Steve comes back to make sure he lives a drug-free lifestyle he will never buy it again and if someone offers him a drink of alcohol he will politely say no. He will also make sure to never go to parties where alcohol will be there.
  • Steve was tired of arguing with Melissa so he decided to go for a drive. Steve was driving drunk and was going 50 kilometres over the speed limit. Shortly after Steve started to drive he was being pulled over by a police officer.
  • The officer found out Steve was drinking and driving so he arrested Steve. Because Steve was drinking and driving he got a Criminal Code convicting which will stay on his record for 6 years. Steve will also have his licence suspended which will also stay on his insurance record for six years.
  • Time has gone by and Steve has heavily been drinking alcohol for 2 years now. Some stuff he has noticed about himself is that he has mental health issues and has an irregular heartbeat. However, he knows there are some other long term effects so he went to the doctor to get a full-body X-Ray. He found out some other stuff which he is going to tell Melissa. When he got the results he found out he liver damage and mouth cancer.
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