The catcher in the rye
Updated: 5/8/2020
The catcher in the rye

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  • hey there, you're probably wondering why I'm on this bus stop acting pretty depressed
  • I failed many classes and got expelled for that. But fortunately I didn't fail at English because it'll be quite a pickle if I fail while writing this book "catcher in the rye"
  • And don't get me started with Stradlater, my roommate. That phony has done unforgivable things like making an essay about my dead brother which I tore it to peices. And stealing my date JANE, which he teased him when I asked him if he did the "deed"! So yeah, we did fight it out, which turned out quite bad.
  • After that incident, I decided to go earlier to Manhattan than scheduled. And I feel pretty bummed about Spencer, my history teacher who tried to repremend about my grades while I wanted to say "good"bye to him.
  • So yeah. I'm pretty depressed after all that
  • I'm going to go to NYC to clear these thoughts out of me. So I hope this school can be do this for me.