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the tempest
Updated: 1/10/2020
the tempest
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  • As the great mage Prospero spots a ship far away he sees his enemies, the greedy king Alonso, Alonsos treacherous brother Sebastian, the kind coutier Gonzalo, and Prospero's wicked brother Antonio, so he brings a storm upon them.
  • Prospero brings the ship to wreck with the help of his fairy ariel. the king's son saw Prosperos daughter and fell in love with her. everyone else was scattered on different parts of the island
  • However, Prospero's other traitorous servant, Caliban, wanted to get rid of Prosperos. one man thought that the other was going to kill him, or he was something else, so he his under Calibans blanket, but the other man found caliban, as well of the other man. Caliban saw this as an opportunity and told the men that they could have Prospero's daughter if they killed Prospero. 
  • as the king and the kind courtier continue they find four faires that leave a plater of food, however, when he tries to grab the food, ariel is transformed into a massive bird, and tells them they have sinned against Prospero
  • As Caliban and the two men try to kill Propero, he uses summons dogs to chase the men, and Caliban away
  • Prospero let the son of the king marry his daughter because he changed, as well as a ship found the island. the king, Prospero, the courtier, and the couple were all escorted back to land, while Caliban and the treacherous men stayed.
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